Your Homepage Needs Keywords To Thrive

paxlovid price ontario How will people discover you if your brand is not known? There are several helpful resources to spread brand awareness such as social media. However, there is one tool that is so powerful and essential for your marketing strategy: Keywords. Keywords are words or phrases that you include in your online content, such as your blog or your homepage, that make it possible for others to find you on search engine tools like Google.

priligy Speaking of your homepage, it’s arguably the most important place to include keywords. Too often, brands develop a homepage based solely on their brand story. While a brand’s story is pivotal in the decision process, it’s not the only factor that drives sales. Is your homepage lacking keywords? If so, here’s a simple guide to get started on your keyword strategy. Determine how many keywords you want to target

People target anywhere from 15-1000+ keywords. If you sell products that are high-demand such as cosmetics or clothing, you should aim to build an extensive list of keywords to override the competition (of course, doing this takes more than just keywords and requires a comprehensive marketing plan). If your business is specific with few competitors, your range may vary.

paxlovid stock price Fes Consider what keywords to use

Consider what people could search for when they want to find your product or a competitor. Think about the problem that your target consumer is trying to solve. A few keywords or phrases will come to mind. Some might be short words such as “makeup” others might be long-tail keywords such as “vegan makeup.” Whatever the case may be, consider the thought process of your target audience. This method will help you create a relevant list of keywords. Find the Keywords

You should always brainstorm keywords because no one knows your target audience like you do. In addition to that list, some tools will help you discover even more keywords that you should add to your keyword strategy. There are many options out there, but we recommend Google Keyword Planner.


You do not need to use every single keyword on your homepage if your list is extensive, but be mindful of the language you want to incorporate into other content such as blog posts or social media posts. Do you need some more guidance with your keyword strategy? Contact us!